May 6, 2013

jeeno2 said: So. Your thoughts on GoT so far this season? (You said your ask box was wide open...)

OH I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS.  (and thanks for keeping my brain occupied).

I think it’s been a stellar season so far, which is no surprise because Storm of Swords is the best book, in my opinion.  The things that have stuck very closely to the book have been the best— in particular, I have GOT to mention Jaime’s soliloquy about killing the mad king.  That was just absolutely mindblowingly perfect.

I’ve also really liked the few departures from the books, because while the books are phenomenal they wouldn’t always translate well to the screen (like Arya and co wandering the riverlands for like 900 pages.)  Some more things need to happen, and the TV show is doing well at making things happen that SEEM canon, even if they aren’t.

Oh, and Jon and Ygritte.  ALWAYS AND FOREVER MY BABIES.  Kit was KILLING it last night.

  1. jeeno2 said: I would pretty much watch an 8 hour movie staring nobody but Jaime and Brienne. They are destroying my soul they’re so good. And that scene, re: the Mad King? OMG. There isn’t enough space here to adequately respond to this, dammit.
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